1. Dr. G. O. Oyediji – President2. Professor S. O. Alaku – First Vice President3. Alhaji Abba Habib – Second Vice President4. Dr. A. O. K. Adesehinwa – General Secreatry5. Dr. F.A. S. Dairo – Assistant General Secretary6. Mr. A. R. Asafa – Treasurer7. Mr. S. O. Taiwo – Finacial Secretary8. Dr. W. A. Hassan – Editor-in-Chief9. Dr. R. A. Hamzat – Deputy Editor-in-Chief10. Dr. T. O. Ososanya – Publicity Seccretary11. Professor A. M. Bambgose – Ex –Officio Member12. Dr. B. O. Nweze – Ex –Officio Member13. Mrs. M. O. Omotoso – Ex –Officio Member


1. Dr. G. O. Oyediji – President
2. Professor G. N. Egbunike – First Vice President
3. Dr. A. M. Bamgbose – Second Vice President
4. Dr. A. O. K. Adesehinwa – General Secreatry
5. Dr. F.A. S. Dairo – Assistant General Secretary
6. Mr. A. R. Asafa – Treasurer
7. Dr. M. K. Adewumi- Finacial Secretary
8. Dr. E. A. Iyayi – Editor-in-Chief
9. Dr. Moses Arigbede – Deputy Editor-in-Chief
10. Mrs. M. O. Omotoso – Publicity Secretary
11. Mr. Funso Ogunsina – Ex- Officio Member
12. Mr. Ope Olusoga – Ex- Officio Member (Late)


1. Mr. Funso Ogunsina – President
2. Professor T.E. Ekpenyong (Late) – First Vice President
3. Mr. Ope Olusoga – Second Vice President
4. Dr. G. O. Oyediji – General Secretary
5. Mr. A.R. Asafa – Assistant General Secretary
6. Professor A.D. Ologhobo – Editor-in-Chief
7. Dr. A. M. Bamgbose – Assistant Editor-in-Chief
8. Mr. B.O. A Adeyanju – Financial Secretary
9. Mrs. M. O. Omotoso – Treasurer
10. Dr. S. O. Nwokoro – Publicity Secretary
11. Dr. S. O Oboh – Ex-Offico
12. Mr. S. O. Ohwofa – Ex-Officio
13. Dr. A. M. Raji – Ex- Officio
14. Mr. S. O. Ogbaji – Ex-Officio

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The Animal Science Association of Nigeria works to improve the understanding of animal science and the ways it can help ensure food is produced ethically and economically.

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