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The Nigerian Journal of Animal Science (NJAS) is an official publication of the Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN) that is published twice a year in two issues. The Journal publishes carefully peer-reviewed original research articles on various farm and laboratory animals covering diverse areas such as production, management, health, physiology, nutrition, feeds and feedstuff, breeding and genetics, reproduction, animal products, biotechnology, socio-economics, extension, farming systems and crop/livestock interactions within the context of sustainable livestock production among others.  Review articles should cover new development in a field of livestock production.

CURRENT ISSUE Vol. 22 No. 1 (2020): Featured Collections 

Performance indices of four crossbred broiler chickens intensively managed in South West, Nigeria  

A.J. Sanda, S.V. Adebayo, A.S. Adenaike, M. Wheto, S.O. Durosaro, O. Olowofeso               1 – 9  

Effects of sex and haemoglobin types on gene and allelic frequencies in Red Sokoto goats in semi-arid region of Nigeria
O.A. Ibrahim, G.E. Jokthan, R.O. Alao, I. Mallam, C.M. Umego, L.A. Jinadu                 10 – 18
Repeatability estimates of external and internal egg quality traits in Japanese quail
U.H. Udoh , U.M. Ukana , U.C. Isaac               19 – 26 
Repeatability estimates of body weight and shank length in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix Japonica)
I.O. Dudusola, H.A. Bashiru                                                   27 – 32
Application of Best Linear Unbiased Predictor (BLUP) in Estimating Breeding Value for Rabbit Bucks Raised in Humid Tropics
I.A. Adeolu, S.N. Ibe           33 – 41
Effects of feeding diluted diets on growth performance and morpho-metric body parameters of exotic and improved local chicks.

F.E. Sola-Ojo, K.L. Ayorinde, B.O. Ifedayo-Ojo, R.O. Adeniji, D.I. Ibiwoye, I.A. Abubakar                                42 –  49

Comparative Analysis of Fertile Egg Quality Traits in Exotic, two Nigerian Ecotype Chickens and their Crosses

J.E. Udoh, U.H. Udoh, A.A. Adeoye              50 – 59                                                                                       

Characterization of indigenous cattle genotypes based on blood parameters in the humid tropics

R.J. Nosike, O.F. Nwakpu, R.N. Nwose, U.C. Isaac, K.L. Akinsola, C.C. Nwachukwu, J. Nathaniel, C.C. Nwaokoro, D.N. Onunkwo         Pg  60 – 67                                     

Studies of Genetic Distance, Gene and Genotypic Frequencies of Hemoglobin Types of West African Dwarf and Yankassa Sheep

A.D. Oladepo, A.E. Salako, A.A. Adeoye, O.A. Adeniyi                             Pg  68 – 73                                              

Association of Ovocleidin-116 Polymorphisms with Egg Quality Traits of Nigerian Heavy Local Chicken Ecotype Reared in Derived Savannah

N.E. Ikeh, H.M. Ndofor-Foleng , N.W. Nnajiofor, F.U. Udeh , M.A. Egom, B.C. Amaefule, V.C. Udeh                                      74 – 82                                            

The effect of body weight variation on laying performances of Shaver brown hen in humid tropical environment

H.O. Edeh, C.O. Osita , C.C. Nwoga, A.O. Ani, Judith Okwor              83 – 90                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Polymorphisms of growth hormones gene and their associations with growth traits of crossbred pigs in humid tropical environment

F.I. Ologbose, U.K. Oke, E.N. Nwachukwu, B.O. Agaviezor, F.O. Ajayi                        91 – 100                                       

Influence of Sodium Acetate, Sodium Propionate and their Combination on Nutrient Digestibility and Blood Profile of Broiler Starters.

A.F. Agboola, B.R.O. Omidiwura                             101 – 112                                                

Effects of in ovo injection of inorganic salts of Zn, Cu and Mn on hatching traits and post-hatch performance of broiler chickens in the tropics.
William B.K. Sahr, O.J. Odutayo, O.M. Sogunle, O.Y. Ayo-Ajasa, A.O. Fafiolu, F.A. Fatunmbi                           113 – 125
Apparent nutrients digestibility, villi morphometry and intestinal microbiota of broiler chickens fed graded levels of chestnut (Castenea sativa) as eubiotics.

A.F. Agboola, B.R.O. Omidiwura                            126-131     

Liver Histology of West African Dwarf Rams Administered Aqueous Extracts of Aspilia africana Leaves.

N.N. Etim                    132 – 143

Histology of Kidneys of West African Dwarf Rams Administered Aqueous Extracts of Aspilia africana Leaves.

N.N. Etim, M.A. Oguike, U. Herbert                     144 – 155

Prevalence of ecto-parasitic infestation of dogs (canine) in Jalingo.

D.D. Kontan, I. Patience, D. Josiah, A. Umar, D.I. Iwan, H.M. Bello, A. Maiwada, I.S. Baya, D. Adams                          156-164    

Rural pig production and pork consumption in Imo State, Nigeria.

Chinwe Uchechi Nwachukwu, Chinekwu Udegbunam                            165 – 185                                                

Effect of phase feeding on performance and economy of production of heavy broiler chickens.

V.N. Meremikwu , H.O. Obikaonu                         186 – 193

Management practices and utilization of milk and milk products of Abergelle breed of Goats in extensive production systems in Kolla Tembien district, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Tsegay Tkue Gebrewahd, Solomon Teweldemedhin, Awot Teklu                           194-200      

Effects of Diazepam, Lidocaine and Their Combination on Clinical Parameters, Haematological Indices and Electrolytes Profile in the Red Sokoto Goat.
A.S. Yakubu, N.N. Pilau, A.A. Abubakar, P.C. Mshelia, H.A. Bodinga, N. Abubakar, U.S. Ahmad                            201-207
Assessment of Effect of Biosecurity Level on Profit Efficiency in Poultry Egg Production in Southwestern, Nigeria.

O.K. Akintunde, T.O. Agboola, B.O. Alabi                           208-224

Economics of Egg Production among Poultry Farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria.
O.A. Hamzat , O.D. Taiwo, B.T. Ogunleye 225-232
Analysis of the determinants of technical efficiency of snail farmers in Ogun State, Nigeria.
F.O. Aminu, T.A. Edun, G.T. Abiodun 233-240
Little Known Small Animals of Economic Value: Why Calling Them Mini-livestock Matters.

J.N. Ingweye, G.A. Kalio                           241-252                                         

Nutritive value of palm oil sludge and its influence on fat composition and deposition in grower pigs.
O.A Adebiyi, U.T. Oboli , I.O. Adejumo, O.A. Osinowo , Martha Olumide, A.T. Adeshola                            253-261
Effect of scent leaf-extract (ocimum grafissimum) and neem leaf-extract (Azadirachta Indica) fed as antimicrobial feed additive on finishing broilers.

A.F. Agboola, B.R.O. Omidiwura                             101 – 112                                                

Growth performance, carcass characteristics, haematology and serum biochemistry of rabbit bucks fed diets containing graded levels of neem (Azadirachta indica) leaf meal
O.Y. Ayo-Ajasa, L.T. Egbeyale, J.A. Abiona, D.A. Ekunseitan, A.A. Ayoola, J.F. Atoyebi, O.M. Aremu                            270-278 
Nutritional potential of five selected insect meals for poultry diets
E.K. Asaniyan, G.J. Ogundele                           279-288
Egg production performance and egg quality of laying birds fed cassava plant meal based diet
T. Ogundeji, E.O. Akinfala   289-297                        
Effects of inclusion of fermented cafeteria food leftover with commercial feed on production performance of Sasso T44 dual-purpose chickens
A. Lamesgin, B. Addis , B. Abrha, B. Gebremedhin, G. Berihu , K. Niraj , G. Hagos , T. Abreha , R. Merhawit                            298-310
Apparent digestibility and performance of West African dwarf sheep fed ensiled maize stover and concentrate supplements

A. J. Amuda, D.O. Okunlola


Studies of selected browses of South-Southern part of Nigeria with particular reference to their proximate and some anti-nutritional constituents
P.N. Gboshe, B.A. Ukorebi                          322-328
Growth performance and blood profile of grazing Red Sokoto bucks fed Xylopia aethiopica seed meal diets
A.I. Ukanwoko, O.G. Uhumuavbi                         329-337
Sensory and nutritional qualities of beef sausages prepared with sweet potato puree as extender
R.N. Ossom, F. Adzitey, G.A. Teye, A. Abu, F.K. Amagloh                          338-348

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