Evaluation of temperament and morphometric traits in white Fulani and Simmental x Sokoto Gudali cattle

I.I. Adedibu, S. Musa


The study was undertaken to assess the temperament traits associated with handling activities and morphometric traits in two genotypes of cattle. Data from 90 bulls comprising 47 White Fulani (WF) and 43 Simmental x Sokoto Gudali (SG) aged between 36-38 months was utilised. All the morphometric traits of the SG were significantly (P<0.05) higher than the White Fulani (WF) breeds. The coefficient of variation for bodyweight (BW) and thigh length (TL) were high. The temperamental traits for the SG were significantly (P<0.05) lower than the WF genotypes. The coefficient of variation for the temperament traits was high. The correlation between BW and body length (BL), Ear length (EL), thigh length (TL) and height at wither (HW) were highly significant (P<0.01) and positive in WF. Pen score (PS), chute score (CS) and exit score (ES) had significantly (P<0.05) negative correlations with BW in the WF genotype. The relationships between BW and BL, TL and height at withers (HW) were highly significant (P<0.01) and positive in SG. CS had a significant (P<0.05) positive relationship with BW in the SG genotype. The variations in the population can be used for improvement of beef cattle which are easier to manage by their handlers.

Keywords: beef cattle, temperament traits, morphometric traits

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