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Characterization of Young Donkeys in North West Nigeria using Morphometric Traits
John, P.A.  Akpa, G.N.  Iyiola-Tunji, A.O.  Pg 1-12                                              Download Abstract
Early Sexual Maturity Characteristics in Bovan Nera and Isa Brown Parent Stock Layer Strains as Influenced by 10th-Week Bodyweight, Feed Intake and Weight Gain
 Jesuyon, O. M. A.  Pg 13-23                                                                        Download Abstract
Mathematical evaluation of the relationships between some objective measurements and prices of breeding bucks and does in Nasarawa State, Nigeria
Dauda A.  1John, P.A.,  1Akpa, G.N.  2Iyiola-Tunji, A.O.  pp 36 - 49                                   Download Abstract
Characterization of Weaner Donkeys in North West Nigeria using Morphometric Traits
 Dauda A.  1John, P.A.,  1Akpa, G.N.  2Iyiola-Tunji, A.O.  pp 36 - 49                           Download Abstract 
Association Between Body Weight and Dimensional Shell Traits of Snails (Archachatina marginata and Achatina achatina)
 *Ibom, L. A.  Okon, B.  Emah, B. B.  pp 50 - 61                                                 Download Abstract
Efficacy of egg-yolk citrate extender fortified with aqueous garlic extract on rooster semen for artificial insemination
 Balogun, A.S.  Jimoh, O.A. pp 62 -70                                                             Download Abstract
Reproductive Traits of Male Weaner Rabbits Fed Graded Levels of Garcinia kola (Bitter kola)
 Ebenebe, C.I 1*,  Okoli, C.A 2,  Ogbu, O.C 3.  Pp 71 -76                                        Download Abstract
Use of in vitro gas production technique in the evaluation of fungal treated maize husk
 Akinfemi, A.  AyoadeJ.A  pp 77-84                                                                Download Abstract
The impact of extraction methods on chemical composition and phytochemical constituents of common browse plants and selected tree species
 Oni, A.O. Yusuf A. O. Oni, O.O. Adelusi, O.O. Areegbe, A.O., Sowande, O.S. Onwuka, C.F.I.  pp 85 -100 
Download Abstract
Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasites of Rams brought into Abeokuta Small Ruminants Markets in Preparation for a Festive Season
 Oyewusi, I. K.,  Takeet, M. I.,  Olugbogi, E. I.,  Takeet, O. V. A,  Talabi, A. O  pp 101 -107Download Abstract
Nutritional potential of post extraction residues and silage from leaves of five cassava varieties as feed for ruminants
 Fasae O.A.,  Obasa O.A.,  Akinade, O.P.  pp 108 - 116                                            Download Abstract
Effect of supplementing Morinda lucida (Brimstone) leaf meal in the diets on the Performance, Intestinal and Tissue Microbial count of broiler chickens
 1. Lala, A. O.,  1. Okwelum, N.,  2. Adeseye, A. R.,  2. Olubi, B. A.  pp 117 -126             Download Abstract
Haematology and Serum Biochemistry of Laying Hens fed Red Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) as feed additive
 *1. Akinola, L.A.F.,   1. Egwuanumku, J.O.  pp 127 -134                                           Download Abstract
Growth performance, blood parameters and carcass characteristics of broilers fed corn bran based diets with or without enzymes (Maxigrain®) supplementation
 1. Owosibo, A.O,  1. Odetola, O.M,  2. Okere I. A., Odejide, J.O  Pp 135 -143                    Download Abstract
Effect of dietary supplementation of guinea hen weed (Petiveria alliacea) leaf and root meals on nutrient utilization and intestinal morphology of finishing broiler chicken
 *Sobayo, R. A1.,  Okonkwo, I. J1.,  Sanwo, K.A2.,  Oso, O.A1.,  Eruvbetine, D1., Oguntona, E.B,  Muhammed, S. B  Pp 144 -156       
Download Abstract

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