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Evaluation of temperament and morphometric traits in white Fulani and Simmental x Sokoto Gudali cattle

I.I. Adedibu, S. Musa     pg 1 – 7

Repeatability estimates of growth traits in arbor acre broiler chickens fed graded level of probiotics enhanced Moringa oleifera seed meal diets
F.E. Sola-Ojo, T.R. Fayeye, I.I. Adedibu, A.T. Yusuff, A.A. Badmos, W.O. Olarinoye pg 8 - 15

Biochemical polymorphism in New Zealand white x Chinchilla rabbit crosses

O.H. Osaiyuwu, M.O. Akinyemi, J.O. Akinlabi, R.B. Fatai pg 16 – 22

Fertility and hatchability potentials of ShikaBrown® chickens and effect of body weight and age of chicken on egg quality traits in southwestern, Nigeria

O.A. Bolatito, D.A. Ajayi, S.O. Osewa, D. Nden, A. Tolase-Fabunmi, T. Adeyanju, T. Hassan, G. Adeleke, S.E. Aladele, M.A. Popoola, M.A. Raji, K. Lamidi, B.I. Nwagu pg 23 – 32

Physicochemical, microbial and sensory properties of milk, butter and garlic butter

O.O. Adewumi, J.A. Adegbite, O.O. Akanmu pg 33 – 38

Nutritional Evaluation of Adansonia digitata (Baobab Fruit) as a replacement for maize in the diet of Broiler Chickens

T.A. Rafiu, D.O. Okunlola, G.O. Olasunkanmi, T. T. Pelemo pg 39 – 46

Effect of inclusion levels and withdrawal periods of Tetracin® on growth performance, carcass traits and occurrence of residues in meat-type chickens

A O. Akinwumi, A.A. Odunsi, A.B. Omojola, Olatoye3, I. O., Olatoye, T.P. Akilapa, I.A. Abioye pg 47 – 61

Effect of Different Inclusion Levels of CRINA® Poultry Plusas Replacement for Antibiotic Growth Promoters on the Performance of Broiler Chickens Reared under Field Conditions in Nigeria

O. Moses, P.A. Onimisi, J.O. Jegede pg 62 – 71

Effect of varying dietary fibre and energy levels in multi-fibre source-based diets on growth performance of broiler finisher chickens

R.I. Salami, A.A. Odunsi pg 72 – 82

Growth performance of broiler starter chickens fed varying levels of fibre and energy in multi-fibre source-based diets

R.I. Salami, A.A. Odunsi pg 83 – 93

Growth, carcass and sensory traits of broiler chickens fed graded levels of extruded sesame seed meal

A.O. Owosibo, I.A. Okere, O.T. Owosibo pg 94 – 102

Performance and behavioural characteristics of Pigs as affected by types and duration of evaporative cooling

O.A. Adebiyi, M.A. Muibi, Alaba, O. Alaba pg 103 – 113

Growth response, carcass traits and cholesterol of growing-finishing pigs fed different fibre feedstuffs based diets

E.O. Akinfala, S.T. Ogundeji, E.F. Adewole pg 114 – 122

Growth performance, haematological and serum biochemical indices of broiler chicken fed cassava (Manihot esculentum crantz var. umucass 36) composite meal

O.O. Adedokun, S.A. Eburuaja, D.N. Onunkwo pg 123 – 131

Response of broilers to improved and local fishmeal

S.G. Ademola, M.D. Shittu, T.T. Owoeye, T.O. Ayoade, K.A. Akintola pg 132 – 139

Effect of partial replacement of dietary maize with cassava peel meal on egg quality characteristics of chicken during storage

O.A. Ogunwole, A.I. Adesope, A.A. Raji, O.D. Oshibanjo pg 140 – 152

Effect of Moringa oleifera (Lam) leaf meal on egg production, blood and serum profile of laying Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

O.A. Abu, E.E. Akangbe pg 165 – 176

Evaluation of external and internal traits of eggs from three poultry species at different storage durations in tropical environment

O.M. Sogunle, A.A. Ayoade, A.O. Fafiolu, K.O. Bello, D.A. Ekunseitan, K.K. Safiyu, O.J. Odutayo pg 177-189

Haematology and Serum analysis of West African Dwarf (WAD) rams fed silage combinations of Maize Forage and Mucuna pruriens L. foliage

B.O. Alabi, T.O. Ososanya pg 190 – 198

Effects of locust bean pulp with melon husk supplementation on nitrogen utilization and blood chemistry of west African dwarf goats

M.I. Okoruwa pg 199 – 208

Evaluation of nutrient contents of Gmelina arborea leaves as animal feed in the tropics

O. Abiola-Olagunju, V.O. Akinwande, A.A. Mako, A.O. Mosuro, H.B. Ayanwale pg 209 – 215

Degradation characteristics of urea and lime treated groundnut shells based diets

J.J. Millam, S.B. Abdu, M.M. Bube, S.S. Bello, P.A. John, L.R. Yakubu pg 216 – 225

Growth performance, nutrient digestibility and haematological parameters of Red Sokoto bucks fed varied levels of Irish potato (Solanum tuberosum) peels

S.M. Yashim pg 226 – 234

Performance of yearling bunaji bulls fed diets containing graded level of palm kernel cake

R.T. Sani, O.S. Lamidi, D.D. Dung, M.R. Hassan pg 235 – 246

Influence of probiotics on rumen liquor characteristics and microbiology

U.A. Inyang, T.O. Ososanya pg 247 – 260

Assessment of silage quality and acceptability of Spondias mombin by west African dwarf goats

T.O. Abegunde, J.A. Odedire, M.M Adeyemi, T.F. Odeyemi pg 261 – 270

Quality evaluation of kilishi, an intermediate moisture meat product sold in Zaria metropolis, Nigeria

O.O. Olusola, R.N. Abunwune, A.T Adeshola pg 271-279

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