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Comparison of Conventional and Semi-Conventional Management Systems on the Performance and Carcass Yield of Broiler Chickens

 *Haruna, M. A,  Bello, K. O.  Adeyemi, A. O.  Odunsi, A. A.                  pg 81-87                                                                   Download Abstract


Impact of diets containing graded level of malted sorghum sprout mixed with pineapple waste on rumen fermentation profile of West African dwarf goats using In Vitro gas production technique

 Saka, A.A.  Adekunjo, R.K.  Odukoya, O.S.  Popoola, M.A.  Ogunsakin, A.O.  Adedeji, O.Y. pp 88-97                 Download Abstract


Effect of urea-molasses treatment on chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of maize cobs

 Akinfemi, A*  Adebayo, B.J.  Ososanya, T.O          pp 98-105                                                                                                  Download Abstract


Predicting nutrient retention for body weight gain in ewe-lambs fed diets containing gliricidia (Gliricidia sepium) and neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves supplement

 *M. I. Okoruwa  A. E. Edobor  F. O. Ogbeide  I. Ikhimioya          pp 106-114                                                                  Download Abstract


Nutrient and Anti-Nutrient Components of Some Tropical Tree Seeds

 Akinfemi, A  Ososanya, T.O  Ahoatu, E.O.           pp 115-122                                                                                                    Download Abstract


Impact of ginger (Zingiber officinale) on intestinal, caeca microbial loads and growth performance of broilers

 Amaduruonye, W.  Ikwunze, K.  Oguike, M.A.  Onunkwo, D.N.                 pp 123-133                                                    Download Abstract


Evaluation of differently processed kidney bean seeds on nutrient and anti-nutrient compositions: implications for monogastric animal feeding

 R.J. Thani  S.E. Alu  A. Yakubu                  pp 134-144                                                                                                               Download Abstract


Replacement value of palm kernel meal for maize on growth, egg quality, and economic parameters of local duck hens

 Onunkwo, D.N.  Ugwuene, M.C.  Eze, J.C.R.  Okpechi, F.C.                                pp 145-151                                             Download Abstract


Haematology and serum chemistry of finisher broiler chickens fed maize-cassava diet supplemented with methionine and inorganic sulphur

 Oguntoye, M.A.,  Idowu, O.M.O.  Sogunle, O.M.  Akintunde, A.R.  Danladi, Y.           pp 152-162                             Download Abstract


Comparative effect of honey, orange juice, glucose and milk as water additives on performance and carcass qualities of broiler chickens

 Ugwuene, M.C.  Onunkwo, D.N.  Eze, J.C.R.   Okpechi, F.C.                          pp 163-172                                               Download Abstract

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